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About Us

Media Imports, Inc. has built a very successful business based on relationships. Our greatest strength is in the partnerships that we have developed over the past 35 years.

These partnerships are with jewelry makers that have confidence in Media Imports to vigorously market their goods and with retailers that trust Media Imports to provide them with a constant variety of the finest jewelry at the best possible prices, anywhere.

Our goal is to determine the needs of our customers and to locate the very finest manufacturers from around the world that can fill those needs. In this way, the manufacturer, wholesaler and the retailer can share in the success that comes with experience and trust. Media Imports maintains a large inventory stock in our Los Angeles show room.

Media Imports, Inc. has been a prime supplier of fine jewelry to major retailers, wholesalers and mass merchandisers for over 35 years.

Our merchandise line is made up primarily of 14 karat jewelry and quality diamond jewelry made by the finest designers in Italy. Our line is constantly evolving and is limited only by the needs of our customers. We offer you everything from the latest modern styles in jewelry design to the most popular jewelry standards that all retailers require.

While we pride ourselves on the quality and the value of our extensive line, Media Imports is set apart from the other jewelry suppliers by superb service. All your gold and diamond jewelry needs will always be our first order of business.




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